ECO24: Pilot Study Finds Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet Improved Acne and Quality of Life Interview with:

Dr. Ludovica Verde, PhD
Student at the Department of Public Health
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Prof. Luigi Barrea
Associate Professor of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
Department of Wellbeing, Nutrition and Sport
Università Telematica Pegaso, Naples, Italy. What is the background for this study?

Response: The study focuses on acne, a chronic inflammatory skin condition often associated with obesity due to shared mechanisms of inflammation and oxidative stress. While the impact of diet on acne is inconclusive, the very low-calorie ketogenic diet (VLCKD), known for its anti-inflammatory properties and weight loss effects, holds promise. However, its effects on acne remain underexplored.

Scientists Attempt to Fight Acne With Skin Bacteria Engineered to Deliver Treatment Interview with:
Nastassia Knödlseder PhD (She/Her)
Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Medicine and Life Sciences (MELIS)
Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona What is the background for this study?

Response: Cutibacterium acnes is the most abundant commensal of the human skin. It inhabits the pilosebaceous units of the hair follicles where it feeds from sebum. This niche environment is of great interest since it is located deep inside the dermis close to interesting dermatological targets.

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Colorism Can Lead to Use of Potentially Harmful Skin Lightening Products Interview with:
Roopal V Kundu, MD
Associate Dean for Admissions
Jacob R. Suker, MD, Professor of Medical Education
Professor of Dermatology (Medical Dermatology and Medical Education What is the background for this study? What is ‘colorism”

Response: The study stemmed from patient interactions in clinics where some patients were coming in requesting to lighten their skin. In trying to understand this better, we learned that colorism – a type of shadeism – in which people of a certain ethnic group are treated differently based on their darker skin color – was a psychosocial and socio-cultural factor effecting skin tone preferences.

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